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About Sunchaser Racing Products

With over 35 years of drag racing experience, Sunchaser Racing Products, was a small custom dragster chassis building enterprise. There are a lot of great chassis shops out there, but we decided to stop building dragster chassis and start building quality accessories for dragsters and Jr dragsters. We have shipped our dragster dollies, dragster quick lifts and nose cone holders all over the world (Australia, Porto Rico, Malta Italy, Canada). We have new products coming out all the time to help make transporting your dragster and Jr dragster a little easier. 

Dragster Accessories

Sunchaser Racing Products thought of a great way to move and load your dragster.  Sunchaser Racing Products created the dragster dolly.  You can load and unload your dragster easier and without having to carry a lumber yard with you to the races.  Our dragster dollies let you effortlessly lift the front of your dragster for trouble free maneuvering and smooth transition between ground and trailer.  Our dragster dollies are adjustable they can be adjusted up to 4" in height.  Our dollies are lite weight.  Weighing in at 20lbs.

Sunchaser Racing Produsts thought of a great way to warm-up your dragster.  Sunchaser Racing Products created the dragster quick lift.  You can warm-up your car safely without having to drive your car around the pits to warm it up.  Our lifts are safer than unsteady jack stands.  Our dragster quick lift slides under the rear cross member of your dragster giving you the clearance you need for pre-race warm-ups and quick repairs.  Our quick lifts are adjustable they start out at 12" and can be raised to 13 1/2" in height.  Our lifts are lite weight and collapsible down to 6".

Sunchaser Racing Products thought of a great way to protect your dragsters nose cone.  Sunchaser Racing Products created the nose cone holder.  Don't let your nose get broken!!!!  Where do you put your nose cone, on your seat, on your bench, on the floor?  We have solved this problem with our nose cone holder.  You can mount it to the wall and place your nose cone safely out of harms way.  Our nose cone holder has rubber on each side, protecting your nose cone from scratches and falling.  Our nose cone holders are adjustable to fit Jr dragster nose cones.

Jr Dragster Accessories

Sunchaser Racing Products created a Jr dragster lift. Our Jr dragster lifts are so easy to pull over that a 10yr old can do it. Our Jr dragster lift is adjustable adding height to allow for soft ground where might sink in to. Our handles remove easily for a easy storage. Our Jr dragster lifts won't scratch your powdercoating or paint. Our handle swings under your Jr dragster, so you can run your Jr dragster safely. 

Sunchaser Racing Products builds a great Jr dragster dolly for one or two Jr dragsters. Our Jr dragster dolly is adjustable to create more height and clearance, when transporting your Jr dragster to the starting line. We can add a starter holder for an extra charge.  Our Jr dragster dollies won't scratch your powdercoating or paint.

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